ET15 ASSIGNMENT 03 : Gameplay - Levels, Objectives & Detailed Level Blockout

1.TITLE - Rescue and Escape

Game High Concept - Robot gain conscious excape his cell
save his  robot buddy
from jail for crime he did not commit...

 Level 001

ii- Objective- Find Key,Free Friend from cell and escape up stairs

iii-Items- Cell Key,Food replenish Health

iv- Obstacles- Guards,Locked doors

v-  Actions- Search for key and friend.

vi- End Goal- Exit to stairs

 Level 002

ii- Objective- Search to find Power Box to shut off power,Keys

iii-Items-  Flash Light,Freight Elevator Key

iv- Obstacles- Guards, Crushing Pillar

v-  Actions-  Avoid Spikes and Guards,Search for Fright Elevator

vi- End Goal- Enter Fright Elevator

 Level 003

ii- Objective- Get to out

Star - Super Strength

Spring -Super Jump

Shoes-Super Speed

iv- Obstacles- Guards,
 High Jump,
Hot Flames.

v-  Actions-

vi- End Goal- Get out

ET15 ASSIGNMENT 02: Level Blockout 2017


ET15 ASSIGNMENT 01: 3D Modeling Test 2017

Renders in  KeyShot

ET15 ASSIGNMENT 01: Current Portfolio Winter 2017

Jack Spralja's 3d Works 2017

                                      Abstract Sculpture- 3d Scan,
                                        Maya, Zbrush & Keyshot